Frequently asked questions

How much is postage?

Postage on all our products is free to the UK. At the moment as a small new business we do not ship products or have the Tea Club overseas. If you do live outside the UK please email to see if an overseas shipment can be made.

Charlotte, what is your favourite tea?

That is such a hard question! It depends on the time of day, the weather and my mood! I love Tea From The Manor's English Breakfast on a cold morning. It's a gorgeous blend of Assam and Ceylon, a full bodied tea that really warms you up! However on a hot summer's day their Red Berries tea, over ice, is so refreshing!

Are there any allergens in your teas?

It is very rare but people may be allergic to the tannins in some teas (they are particularly prevalent in black tea). Caffeine can also cause an allergic reaction for some people. Most herbal teas from our collaborators, Tea From The Manor, are caffeine and tannin free. Please email or directly if you have any concerns.

Who does the pug in your photos belong to?

Our lovely family dog Benji (a three year old Pug) lives with my parents in Cheshire, where I am currently spending lockdown. He is completely spoilt and I love spending time with him when I visit my parents. He gets lots of cuddles from everyone and loves playing with his favourite toy, the doughnut - we should get him a plush teacup!

How long are the Tea Club monthly tea videos?

The monthly tea videos are approximately 3 minutes long, filled with facts, tips and stories.

How do the Tea Blending Sessions work?

We will arrange a mutally convient time for a zoom call which can last up to 30 minutes, here we will discuss your favourite teas and what flavours you like. After our call has ended I will blend three bespoke teas and send them to you. Take your time at home to decide which is your favourite. Let me know which one tea you decide on and you will be sent a 100g packet with your own unique label on the front.

Here are some FAQ's but if you have any specific questions about tea, our masterclasses, tea gifts or anything else, please email

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