Charlotte Green is the owner and creator of The Tea Cabinet .

The Tea Cabinet brings you masterclasses, an exclusive Tea Club, unique blending experiences and more. 

For almost a decade Charlotte has been working with her father, James, proprietor of Tea From The Manor. Now with her own business, Charlotte still works along side James using Tea From The Manor's wonderful tea in all her products.

Collaboration with Tea From The Manor 

In 2011 James and his daughter Charlotte took a range of just five teas to an artisan market and sold them in plain, brown paper packaging. Today Tea From The Manor brings the finest full leaf teas from the best tea gardens around the world to delight the palates of its customers. They serve five star hotels, restaurants, cafes and sell tea online sent direct to your home.

Often you'll see the family's dog Benji, a three year old pug, joining us for an afternoon tea or snoozing alongside Charlotte as she has a cup of tea and reads.

The Tea Cabinet - Making your tea dreams come true.


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The Tea Cabinet. Charlotte and James Green